You need a brand

Get your cocktail-inspired, completely customized-for-you brand built in 7 business days by a branding expert (me!) who works with entrepreneurs and coaches just like you.

Think of the Branding Bar as your as your top-shelf cocktail (brand) at the tip-jar price (affordable).

All it takes to get started is a 1-minute quiz.

Turn your into profit.

In 3 seconds or less, your ideal client should be able to know exactly what you do and how you can help them. That’s a lot of pressure to get it right the first time.

Whether you’re a DIY expert, full-time entrepeneur or a side-hustler, a cohesive, clear brand is a non-negotiable for creating success.

Rather than working with a brand strategist for 3-6 months to launch your idea, get your customized-for-you brand built in 7-days so you can get started.

How It Works

Select your brand of choice. Options range from sleek & sophisticated to bright & bold to minimalist & chic to soft & femme. 

Fill out your customization details: biz name, tagline, any other details you want to share with our design team. Pick a new palette or keep the original.

Within 7 days, check your email for your beautiful new brand (and start using it).

the brands

Welcome to the coolest
(& best branded)
joint in town.

Well, hello there.

I’m Jessica and I am the passionate (designer) mixologist behind The Branding Bar. I’ve spent the last eight years creating custom brands and websites for some of the most successful and influential people online … and I wanna spread all that online gorgeousness around.

GREAT DESIGN is for everyone and its value has a ripple effect greater than an olive in a dirty martini: to grab the audience you want and look investment-worthy. Because everyone deserves a truly elevated brand presence regardless of budget.

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