you don’t need a logo.

You need a

Your big idea needs a beautiful brand. Sure, you could head on over to Fiverr to pick up a logo and then do your best to throw a color palette and some fonts together OR you could spend thousands (and wait weeks) hiring a designer to create a full brand suite… OR you could walk away with everything you need (designer-made) to get online and look good doing it in just 7 business days.
These are cocktail-inspired, completely customized-for-you brands designed for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and coaches who are ready to attract their ideal client. Simply select your “cocktail,” get it customized, add on an online course pack and some gorgeous photos while you’re at it, go live, raise a glass and wait for the round of Cheers! (and customers) to roll in. Top-shelf look. Tip-jar price.

How It Works

Select your brand of choice. Options range from sleek & sophisticated to bright & bold to minimalist & chic to soft & femme.

Fill out your customization details: biz name, tagline, any other details you want to share with our design team. Pick a new palette or keep the original.

Within 7 days, check your email for your beautiful new brand (and start using it).

oh, you need more?

Shop the Canva templates created to compliment each brand. Get your online course, pop-up product, ebooks, lead magnets, and social media done beautifully … and faster than you ever thought possible.

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Need a little help deciding which brand to choose?

Hey, take a few seconds, run through this awesome quiz, and get paired up! It’s like an online matchmaker, only without the high fees and awkwardness.

Cause what’s a great bar without a little hook-up action?

Welcome to the coolest
(& best branded)
joint in town.

Well, hello there.

I’m Jessica and I am the passionate (designer) mixologist behind The Branding Bar. I’ve spent the last eight years creating custom brands and websites for some of the most successful and influential people online … and I wanna spread all that online gorgeousness around.

GREAT DESIGN is for everyone and its value has a ripple effect greater than an olive in a dirty martini: to grab the audience you want and look investment-worthy. Because everyone deserves a truly elevated brand presence regardless of budget.

photography packs

What’s worse than sourcing stock photography? Only a bar that closes early! Explore the professionally curated photo packs created with your brand palette and aesthetic in mind, perfect for backgrounds, banners, social media, and everything else.

Using one of those DIY platforms with the really ugly templates?

I’m a DIY-girl from waaaaaaaay back. If you want to look expensive but do it cheap, all you need is BRANDING. Take a terrible template and turn it into something buzz-worthy with a brand from The Branding Bar.

Any online platform is going to allow you to make simple color swaps, upload logos and fonts, add designs and imagery and that is all it takes to transform an ugly template from funnel fail to conversion glory.

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